Lidia Kosk’s Meadows of Memory, Reviewed by Paul Sohar

Lidia Kosk Meadows of Memory Translated from the Polish by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka Apprentice House Press Reviewer: Paul Sohar Ideally, the reviewer reporting on a volume of translation should be familiar with the source material as thoroughly as the target language, though this basic requirement is often overlooked when it comes to a source language […]

Nehassaiu deGannes’ Music for Exile, Reviewed by Jessica Drake-Thomas

Nehassaiu deGannes Music for Exile Tupelo Press Reviewer: Jessica Drake-Thomas “It is music for exile … for symptoms of migra/tion. It is the languishing. Pick / through your belongings. Decide what to take,” says the speaker in Nehassaiu deGannes’s collection of poetry, Music for Exile. It’s the easiest thing that you can take with you: […]

Gloria Mindock’s Ash, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Gloria Mindock Ash Glass Lyre Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Throughout Ash, Gloria Mindock’s speaker laments a broken marriage, a husband despised, and a home destroyed by fire. Mindock crafts shattered, hallucinatory poems, illustrating the process of destruction and what remains, both within her and without. She writes of intimate relationships and in expanding spirals of […]

Tony Trigilio’s Proof Something Happened, Reviewed by Brian Fanelli

Tony Trigilio Proof Something Happened Marsh Hawk Press Reviewed by Brian Fanelli Betty and Barney Hill are about as famous as you can get in UFO circles. Whatever happened to them on that fateful September night in 1961 in rural New Hampshire is one of, if not, the most prominent abduction cases in the U.S. […]

Carl Marcum’s A Camera Obscura, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Carl Marcum A Camera Obscura Red Hen Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi Just as the James West Space Telescope (the J.W.S.T.) is about to supersede the Hubble Telescope (offering the difference between myopia and 20-20 vision, at least when it comes to the far-far-far reaches of the universe), Carl Marcum offers us A Camera Obscura, a […]