Dear Readers,

I’ve always loved summer in the South, these sweltering, languid, hazy days. Amidst this psychedelic welter & lull, we’ve completed Pedestal’s new website & are glad to launch both the site & Issue 78.

I’d very much like to hear any feedback you have. Our previous site was probably in use for six or seven years, so this upgrade marks a significant transition. Any thoughts you have regarding appearance, navigability, & of course content are welcome.

For now, the archives link is connected to the previous site, from which earlier issues can be accessed. Over time, we’re hoping to reconfigure the archived content in order to integrate all 77 previous issues into the current site. This, needless to say, will be a long-term project.

We’ll soon be upgrading our email management system as well & will be asking readers to reconfirm their listing as part of the transition to another provider. All you’ll have to do is click a button, confirming your address and inclusion, & you’ll continue to receive our announcements (& they’ll be more readable & visually pleasing as well!)

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, I’m glad to introduce Issue 78. Special thanks to my fellow poetry editors Arlene Ang, Michael Spring, & Susan Terris, & fiction editor Nathan Leslie. I hope you enjoy the varied poems, flash fictions, & reviews included in this issue. Our featured artwork is by Gregory Bryant.

In December 2015, Pedestal celebrated its 15-year anniversary. I can honestly say that I’m as enthused about this project as I’ve ever been.

All my best,

John Amen
Charlotte, NC
July 26, 2016


Infusion Lab

“Infusion Lab” by Gregory Bryant, © Gregory Bryant, 2016