“All of the Characters Constellating” by Sarah Walko
Watercolor/ink collage on paper, 24″ x 18″
© 2023 by Sarah Walko

Kim Addonizio – “Compassion Problem”
Bruce Bond – “Lute”
John Bradley – “Things I Should Apologize for Spell”
Alicia Elkort – “He asked what the implications would be”
Roberta Feins – “Night with a Cloud of Mosquitoes”
Scott Ferry – “when i keep having these shameful dreams”
Molly Fisk – “The Goodbye”
Justin Hunt – “Visiting My Son in the 14th Year of His Death”
Heikki Huotari – “Wherein I Check My Intellect”
Lee Jacobus – “In a Boneyard in Galway”
Lynne Knight – “Conversion, or, Homage to Molly Bloom”
Danusha Laméris – “Today the Pleasures”
Xiaoly Li – “Swallow Brand”
Carolyn Miller – “The Feast of Corpus Christi”
Kathy Nelson – “A Week after We Had Stood Together over That Fresh Grave, 1968”
Carolyn Oliver – “Three Highways”
Madelyn Parker – “We’ve Passed Through Many Churches”
Amy Small-McKinney – “Inside Our Womb of Danger”
Margo Taft Stever – “Changeling”
Laurel Szymkowiak – “Leaving”
Amber Flora Thomas – “On a Sunday”
Jeanne Wagner – “Schrödinger’s Cat”
George Wallace – “The Book of You”
Pamela Wax – “A Prayer of Jerusalem for Yehuda Amichai”
Chad Weeden – “Vanishing Point”
Angelique Zobitz’s Seraphim,
Reviewed by Brian Fanelli
Lee Rossi’s Say Anything,
Reviewed by Rebecca Patrascu
A. E. Hines’ Adam in the Garden,
Reviewed by David E. Poston
Joan Barasovska’s Orange Tulips,
Reviewed by Jeanne Julian
Maureen Owen’s and Barbara Henning’s Poets on the Road,
Reviewed by Burt Kimmelman
Luke Johnson’s Quiver,
Reviewed by Frank Paino
Sean Thomas Dougherty’s Death Prefers the Minor Keys,
Reviewed by Shawn Pavey
Lola Haskins’ Homelight,
Reviewed by Lee Rossi
Andrea Hollander’s And Now, Nowhere But Here,
Reviewed by Erica Goss
Neil Shepard’s The Book of Failures,
Reviewed by Brian Fanelli
Mary Makofske’s No Angels,
Reviewed by Ann Wehrman
Alan Britt’s The Tavern of Lost Souls,
Reviewed by David E. Poston