“Inside” by Tonglay Jean
Photograph, © 2022 by Tonglay Jean

Francesca Bell – “After”
Joseph Byrd – “Getting my oil changed”
Flower Conroy – “Kkaahkkaahrowch”
Joanne Dominique Dwyer – “Blood & Sky”
Elisabeth Adwin Edwards – “The Nurse”
melissa christine goodrum – “& then we saw the daughter of the Minotaur”
Sonia Greenfield – “Elegy for the Rejected Birds”
Ceridwen Hall – “The Field (a Missive with Bluff Checks)”
HT Harrison – “Through-Lines”
Sharon Hashimoto – “What Energies Hold Us”
Dennis Hinrichsen – “[domain] [With Cold Water Running through It]”
Pamela Lucinda Moss – “The Stories We Tell”
William Orem – “You are a hundred wild centuries”
Barbara Parchim – “cephalopod”
Lynn Pattison – “My Son’s Raft”
Michael Pearce – “My Father Is a Horse That Tells the Truth”
Jeff Schwartz – “Saturday Morning, Beach 3”
Christopher Shipman – “Image is to Word as Brick is to Murder”
Joannie Stangeland – “Dream Land”
Lynne Thompson – “When to Bird & When to Be Human”
Megan Wildhood – “Treatment”
Piper Wilson – “selective memory”
Farnaz Fatemi’s Sister Tongue,
Reviewed by Vivian Wagner
George Wallace and Friends’ Blowing Thru Secaucus,
Reviewed by Shawn Pavey
Craig Beaven’s Teaching the Baby to Say I Love You,
Reviewed by David E. Poston
Nathan Leslie’s The Invisible Hand,
Reviewed by Charles Rammelkamp
Amy Small McKinney’s One Day I Am a Field,
Reviewed by Erica Goss
Matthew E. Henry’s the Colored page,
Reviewed by Brian Fanelli
Amy Barone’s Defying Extinction,
Reviewed by Ann Wehrman
Matt Donovan’s The Dug-Up Gun Museum,
Reviewed by David E. Poston
Carolyn Oliver’s Inside the Storm I Want to Touch the Tremble,
Reviewed by Vivian Wagner
Linda Ravenswood’s The Stan Poems,
Reviewed by Lee Rossi