Dear Readers,

I’m happy to introduce Pedestal 79. Special thanks to poetry editors Bruce Boston and Marge Simon for compiling another dynamic issue of speculative poetry, including work by Natalia Antonova, Philip St. Clair, Jennifer Crow, Andrew Darlington, Rohinton Daruwala, Adele Gardner, John C. Mannone, Maren Mitchell, Sam Muller, Soonest Nathaniel, David Olsen, John Reinhart, James Robinson, Sarah Shirley, and Jane Williams.

Thanks as well to Lee Rossi, Ricardo Nirenberg, Richard Allen Taylor, Ann Wehrman, Francine Witte, Stephanie Chan, David E. Poston, Lee Rossi, Robert Fillman, and Cindy Hochman for their insightful and engaging reviews.

The featured art in this issue is a striking photograph by Chad Weeden that combines an economic and cultural commentary with an appreciation for the naturally surreal.

As mentioned previously, please feel free to offer any feedback on the (still relatively) new site. Also, we’ve phased out our old email platform (Listwriter) as of the February campaign. If you haven’t resubscribed, and would like to, please email us or register via the appropriate link on the website.

Oh, we’re still celebrating Pedestal‘s 16-year anniversary!

I hope the first quarter of 2017 has been inspired and fruitful.

All my best,

John Amen
Charlotte, NC
March 21, 2017


Premium by Chad Weeden

“Premium” by Chad Weeden; © Chad Weeden, 2016