“Wrong Turn” by Chad Weeden
Photograph, © 2023 by Chad Weeden

Jan Beatty – “California”
Bruce Bond – “Lunette 4”
Amanda Bradley – “Making It Right”
Mary Buchinger – “On the Eighth Day”
Nianxi Chen – “Farewell”
Mark Christopherson – “The Caves of Altamira”
Patricia Clark – “Elegy to be Breathed at the Grand River”
Grant Clauser – “God Particle”
Morrow Dowdle – “The Gir- That Lost Its L”
George Drew – “Anecdote of the Rat”
Molly Fisk – “Even Rivers”
Rebecca Foust – “—ish”
Ellen Goldsmith – “When the Rules Change”
Luke Johnson – “Tether”
Dorothy Johnson-Laird – “Red-Cloud Woman”
Abbie Kiefer – “Given”
Catherine Klatzker – “Tectonic Shift”
Kaecey McCormick – “From Goat Rock Point”
Frank Paino – “Nesyamun”
Heidi Seaborn – “C Is for Cruelty”
Martin Settle – “My Reader as Prosthesis”
Angela Sucich – “The Phoenix Ignores Our Expiration Date”
Amber Flora Thomas – “Palinode (the Rabbits)”
Ann Weil – “Guernica II”
Zachariah Claypole White – “Postcards to the Angel [unmailed]”
James K. Zimmerman – “Edward Hopper’s Boy and Moon (Variations on a Theme)”
Francesca Bell’s What Small Sound,
Reviewed by Vivian Wagner
Alexis Rhone Fancher’s Brazen,
Reviewed by Brian Fanelli
Richard Vargas’s Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel,
Reviewed by Shawn Pavey
Cynthia Manick’s No Sweet Without Brine,
Reviewed by Erica Goss
Arthur Kayzakian’s The Book of Redacted Paintings,
Reviewed by Lee Rossi
Preeti Kaur Rajpal’s membery,
Reviewed by Karen Corinne Herceg
Connie Post’s Between Twilight,
Reviewed by Ann Wehrman
Emily Stoddard’s Divination with Human Heart Attached,
Reviewed by Lee Rossi
Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong’s The Quenching,
Reviewed by Vivian Wagner
Tara Betts’s Refuse to Disappear,
Reviewed by Erica Goss
George Franklin’s Remote Cities,
Reviewed by Shawn Pavey
Beat Not Beat,
Reviewed by Brian Fanelli