Lee Rossi’s Say Anything, Reviewed by Rebecca Patrascu

Say Anything Lee Rossi Plain View Press Reviewer: Rebecca Patrascu “Everything fits into everything else,” Lee Rossi tells us in the opening poem of his fifth collection. The idea is handy packaging for a book entitled Say Anything, but it prompts the question: if one might include anything and everything, what does one choose to […]

Maureen Owen’s and Barbara Henning’s Poets on the Road, Reviewed by Burt Kimmelman

Maureen Owen and Barbara Henning Introduction by Pat Nolan Poets on the Road City Point Press Reviewer: Burt Kimmelman Barbara Henning and Maureen Owen embarked upon a continent-wide, pre-pandemic reading tour. It was so much more. Poets on the Road is a book of occasions celebrating their return to places and people who shaped their […]

Angelique Zobitz’s Seraphim, Reviewed by Brian Fanelli

Seraphim Angelique Zobitz CavanKerry Press Reviewer: Brian Fanelli Angelique Zobtiz’s collection Seraphim is bold and fierce. It contains a multitude of voices, including Greek Gods and various other deities, and it references prominent Black women, including bell hooks, Megan Thee Stallion, and Whitney Houston, to name a few. Zobitz has a knack for blending high […]

Bruce Bond – Lute

Lute This lamb, that marble child, whatever you             desire, the stonecutter will take your order. He will make you something to remember,             said my mother, and then she disappeared. Swallow the small things, she would say,             but everything is small tonight, every star on the hood of the curtained limousine.             If I could deepen the […]

Luke Johnson’s Quiver, Reviewed by Frank Paino

Luke Johnson Quiver Texas Review Press Reviewer: Frank Paino In 1308, Italian poet and philosopher, Dante Alighieri, began writing his magnum opus, The Divine Comedy, an unforgettable trilogy of canticles in which Dante is led by the great poet, Virgil, along a path that begins with a graphic journey through nine torturous circles of Hell, […]