Lee Jacobus – In a Boneyard in Galway

In a Boneyard in Galway In a boneyard in Galway I stepped into an open grave the grass above my head, invisible, a vacancy waiting for me.             It was my fall from grace, a shock as I penetrated the darkness.             I never felt so Irish as at that moment looking up at the cloudless sky, […]

Amber Flora Thomas – On a Sunday

On a Sunday I have suspected all along that I would forget you. When pressing the water out of a teabag. When a hummingbird slips its head in a fuchsia flower and pees a silver thread as it exits. When following a path along the bluffs to a cypress worn in the wind-shape of clinging […]

Laurel Szymkowiak – Leaving

Leaving Next spring my grandfather’s trellised pink roses will bloom without him.                My husband prunes the canes for him,    anyway. My grandfather’s house shrinks in too much stillness. I miss                his scent     mint candy and Old Spice.                                                             Where is the pillow from his chair? From the front porch I watch barges on the river at […]

John Bradley – Things I Should Apologize For Spell

Things I Should Apologize For Spell Speaking to a smudge that once belonged to Marcus Aurelius. Nazi-actors, cinematic hair, bituminous tea, transparent teeth. My birthplace, a wheelbarrow, my birthplace, a pencil, it follows. Stray words slipping from a vague mouth at the airport: Stay afloat. Cheap, abundant cirrus clouds from Abilene, afraid of the samba. […]

Alicia Elkort – He asked what the implications would be

He asked what the implications would be if we were to love each other. I said planetarium I said hubris I said expulsion— I could see how the tenor of our time would be about eating an apple, spitting out the seeds, it was the way he didn’t care for poetry, the way he whispered […]