Amanda J. Bradley – Making It Right

Making It Right I heard your horizon promises, took the risk, left my husband that long May – your call, my response now inked in poems and songs, relics of a star-swept history. It is not history like army squadrons warring or marching homeward, charcoal shadows backlit by pinkish sky. Or maybe it is. Perhaps […]

Heidi Seaborn – C Is for Cruelty

C is for Cruelty Almost daily, my sisters and I terrorized our too beautiful baby brother. One summer night, we chased him off a dock. Such a small splash in the darkness, his moonface bobbing. Perhaps that evening was the turning point when we went too far. After, our cruelty to one another reduced to […]

Zachariah Claypole White – Postcards to the Angel [unmailed]

Postcards to the Angel [unmailed]             Last night someone spiked             my drink and                       [just say it]                                                 I woke up             in a hospital bed,             all these pointless             poems bleeding             from two fingers. Snow has covered and cleaned vomit from the steps; there are footprints in the ice, blood on my door.             We always return to violence,             don’t […]

Martin Settle – My Reader As Prosthesis

My Reader As Prosthesis come with me I have lived many lives all of them my own all of them lies ride the contours of my brain we’ll name a mountain room with me on a passenger ship we’ll drink wine we’ll spit in the ocean I’ll deny that I ever knew you in open […]

Mary Buchinger – On the Eighth Day

On the Eighth Day the garden left me and a boat was made in that boat the mind left the body and the spirit too became a separate thing and the winds of philosophy drove + so when I pierced my ear it was only the fleshy lobe that made way nothing else in the […]