Bruce Bond – Lute

Lute This lamb, that marble child, whatever you             desire, the stonecutter will take your order. He will make you something to remember,             said my mother, and then she disappeared. Swallow the small things, she would say,             but everything is small tonight, every star on the hood of the curtained limousine.             If I could deepen the […]

George Wallace – The Book of You

The Book of You i read the book of you inside my mother’s womb it was dark, all i could do to turn the pages, learn the pictures, wait for you; i was all thumbs and a tail like a guppy, not at all as you see me today, under streetlights, holding your face in […]

Roberta Feins – Night with a Cloud of Mosquitoes

Night with a Cloud of Mosquitoes We wore blue lanyards, called ourselves The Texans. Screws and spiders held the bunk together. Danish-Blonde had a mini-skirt like a dip and a dream boat. While I sang I’m a Believer the swing set collapsed in slow motion. Amy threw a photo into the campfire with the gesture […]

Scott Ferry – when i keep having these shameful dreams

when i keep having these shameful dreams i search for the person            in charge of them but when i find him            behind the movie curtain he is also nude            his hair a swath of feathers he is also late for class            and when he gets there his teacher says            you shouldn’t be here with the […]

Heikki Huotari – Wherein I Check My Intellect

Wherein I Check My Intellect Prove me wrong. If it’s not grammar then it’s syntax and the alley cat is walking down the aisle but to be born again. Among the underprivileged I give my point zero zero one percent. The interval of confidence is imposed on the data and the senses have their seasons. […]