you got a gun
i got a gun
got a gun

you angry
i angry

you frustrated
i frustrated

blood in the river
blood in the street
blood in the meadow
blood in the dale
blood in the ocean tide

you got a gun
i got a gun
got a gun

do we really gotta load it
do we really gotta aim it
do we really gotta fire it

just because
we frustrated
we dejected
we rejected
we starved
we naked
we angry
we alone





Jerry Johnson is a poet and spoken-word artist whose poetry has appeared in a variety of literary publications worldwide. His poetry collection Poets Should Not Write About Politics was selected as the winner of Evening Press’s 2020 Sinclair Poetry Prize. He features at many spoken-word and poetry venues in the New York City and southern Connecticut areas and lives with his wife Raye in Danbury, Connecticut.

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