Ace Boggess’s Misadventure, Reviewed by Erica Goss

Ace Boggess Misadventure Cyberwit Reviewer: Erica Goss In Misadventure, Ace Boggess writes about prison, old horror movies, and the absurdities of modern life. These poems create a powerful and moving narrative, following one man’s all-too-human failings as he navigates a baffling and often darkly humorous world. In language full of deft turns and surprises, Boggess […]

Sara Backer’s Such Luck, Reviewed by Ace Boggess

Sara Backer Such Luck Flowstone Press Reviewer: Ace Boggess Sara Backer’s first full-length poetry collection Such Luck navigates familiar tones and themes but also conjures worlds that are intimate and personal to the poet, such that the reader often feels as if he has a voyeuristic view on the lives of the narrators. In these […]

John Sibley Williams’s As One Fire Consumes Another, Reviewed by Ace Boggess

John Sibley Williams As One Fire Consumes Another Orison Books Reviewer: Ace Boggess There is something exceedingly familiar about reading John Sibley Williams’s newest collection, As One Fire Consumes Another, a sense of nostalgia arising as one turns the pages and sees these poems laid out neatly in narrow columns. It’s a flashback to the […]

Ace Boggess – Why I Can’t Draw Portraits

Why I Can’t Draw Portraits I suck at stick figures: they lean & sag like fuzzy old couples hiding out in their summer homes. I never saw myself sketching trees, saying Breathe, breathe, while I faked the leaves. Those pictures of rabbits in backs of comic books? The ones with captions like Are you an […]

Ted Jonathan’s Run,
Reviewed by Ace Boggess

Ted Jonathan Run New York Quarterly Books ISBN: 978-1-63045-023-6 Reviewer: Ace Boggess   If Ted Jonathan’s poetry collection, Run, were a novel, it would be described as a coming-of-age story—49 poems that escort the reader on a journey through childhood struggles, a teenager’s coping, and the finding-oneself of early adulthood. Jonathan reflects on a schoolboy […]