Alan Semerdjian’s and Aram Bajakian’s The Serpent and the Crane, Reviewed by George Wallace

Alan Semerdjian and Aram Bajakian The Serpent and the Crane (Spoken word with music) Funded by an Armenian General Benevolent Union Performing Arts Grant and a Creative Armenia Spark Grant Reviewer: George Wallace If collaborative performance is a horserace, then Alan Semerdjian goes trifecta with his ambitious new project The Serpent and the Crane, a […]

Alan Semerdjian – The Good Light

The Good Light Our love cupped like water in palms, we search for the day’s first words. Paree looys, I whisper to my son, and then ​good light, the cart that follows the mare over hillside rake. In this early country of understanding, he thinks of what it means to be right first, and the […]