Amanda J. Bradley – Making It Right

Making It Right I heard your horizon promises, took the risk, left my husband that long May – your call, my response now inked in poems and songs, relics of a star-swept history. It is not history like army squadrons warring or marching homeward, charcoal shadows backlit by pinkish sky. Or maybe it is. Perhaps […]

Amanda J. Bradley – Escape Artist

Escape Artist I scan the forest floor – lush, green – for coyotes and bobcats. The shadow of a hawk’s widespread wings graces my view. I am trying to get used to discomfort. Someone I love dearly wants me to. It is also the right thing. It is the only path to fearlessness. I am […]

Amanda J. Bradley’s Queen Kong, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Amanda J. Bradley Queen Kong NYQ Books Reviewer: Cindy Hochman Between dolls and dalliance, I begin to realize my body can be a weapon, can be violated, can be impregnated, can make me strong or weak.  —“Fourteen” Even before your mind seizes on the heroic aspects of the comic-book cover of Mrs. Kong as a […]