Amy Barone’s Defying Extinction, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Amy Barone Defying Extinction Broadstone Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In Defying Extinction, Amy Barone takes the reader on a journey through the world of humans and nature, capturing with winsome tenderness the power, wildly diverse colors, and exquisite beauty of life on planet Earth. The poet’s lens ultimately cherishes more than it analyzes. Her gentle […]

Amy Barone’s We Became Summer, Reviewed by Francine Witte

Amy Barone We Became Summer New York Quarterly Books Reviewer: Francine Witte Let’s face it. When the title of a poetry collection is a perfect three-word poem itself, you know you’re in for a pretty good ride. Such is the case with Amy Barone’s first full-length collection We Became Summer. The title suggests so much, […]