Andrea Hollander’s And Now, Nowhere But Here, Reviewed by Erica Goss

Andrea Hollander And Now, Nowhere But Here Terrapin Books Reviewer: Erica Goss In her new book, And Now, Nowhere But Here, Andrea Hollander looks back at the complexities and contradictions of a long life. The poems in this wise and often luminous collection explore the aftermath of betrayal and its effects on a marriage, as […]

Andrea Hollander – Scorpion

Scorpion One afternoon when I was ten and almost home from school, I glanced up at the second-story window of a house on my block to see the acned older brother of one of my friends. He had tapped, then knocked so I’d see him framed there, the blinds lifted, the sun a spotlight on […]

Andrea Hollander’s Blue Mistaken for Sky, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Andrea Hollander Blue Mistaken for Sky Autumn House Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail Let me confess (to my chagrin) that before I was invited to submit this review of Blue Mistaken for Sky (forthcoming from Pittsburgh’s Autumn House Press), I’d never read the work of award-winning poet, Andrea Hollander. Let me also confess that having sat […]

Andrea Hollander – This Is a Story I Didn’t Tell

This Is a Story I Didn’t Tell The day the drillers came with their giant machine that dug and dug and beat and beat, the sound went on for hours that day but fifty, sixty, ninety feet and the well was dry. And I didn’t say my husband was out— out of our house, our […]