Barbara Ungar – How to Age Gracefully

How to Age Gracefully                You may think sweater set, but you must never, ever wear one.                         —Kate Moss When you kvetch, your son says, Go out in the Adirondacks and get eaten by a wild animal. When X-rays show your bones vanishing, imagine your latter years in a wheelchair, brilliant as Stephen Hawking. Your son, […]

Barbara Ungar – Dream of Myself

Dream of Myself looking in a mirror swathed in black lace human shape translucent and pulsing like a jelly- fish   heart and womb shining through like the Visible Woman’s   wondrous as the Piglet octopus with its crown of tentacles and saucer eyes or the pocket shark shaped like a palm-sized sperm whale the caterpillar fringed […]

Barbara Ungar’s Save Our Ship, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Barbara Ungar Save Our Ship The Ashland Poetry Press Reviewer: Vivian Wagner Impending apocalypses of various kinds—personal, cultural, and environmental—thread through Barbara Ungar’s new poetry collection, Save Our Ship. The etymological root of “apocalypse” means to uncover or reveal, and this collection underscores that at the heart of all apocalypses is both a heartbreaking sense […]