Bruce Weigl – Blood

Blood I’m inside my mind where the river’s blown out, wall of blood cascading just behind me so I run fast I can run fast, even after everything. I stay ahead of the blood. I stay ahead. I know not to ask questions about the origin of pain or about the screams that tear the […]

Bruce Weigl – Out Here

Out Here What do you want out here, I hear the night ask when I step out for something I can’t name but let’s call cool air. Then the night showed me faces in places I choose not to remember in spite of medication and mental health guidance. Some doors I keep closed for everyone’s […]

Bruce Weigl – Two Poems

a mishap the blank of blank the science of dying the black cat changing rooms caught for a moment in some brilliant sun the pathology of fear one LA car slamming into another is not like slow motion and some lost things can never be recovered but thank Ra for the light that let us […]