Connie Post’s Between Twilight, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Between Twilight Connie Post NYQ Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In her new collection, Between Twilight, Connie Post explores memories and her present world, searching for healing, justice, and understanding. Post’s sensitive, often delicate poetry is grounded in honest, ruthless self-exploration; bottomless fear, loss, and fury tempered by her will to survive and end patterns of […]

Connie Post’s Prime Meridian, Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

Connie Post Prime Meridian Glass Lyre Press Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor Take a sphere, any sphere: a planet, pearl, or ping pong ball. Mark a dot to represent the North Pole. Place another dot at the point farthest away from the first dot, to indicate the South Pole. Draw a line, as straight as you […]