Dane Cervine – Second Thoughts on the Spiritual Path

Second Thoughts on the Spiritual Path Beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach… —YouTube video If one loves Brahman with steadfast devotion, one becomes Brahman. By thinking of nothing but the wasp, the cockroach is changed into a wasp. —Sankaracharya While reading The Asian Journals of Thomas Merton— a Catholic monk delving into the mysteries of India— I […]

Dane Cervine – Wisdom Template

Wisdom Template The older Tibetans draw a stenciled mandala— a simple outline, light blue— hand each page to a young man who, in a long room filled with light from open windows, arranges a palette of brilliant pigment, filigreed brushes, sits for hours on a pillow or low wood bench to trace and fill the […]

Dane Cervine – Ark of Breath

Ark of Breath      Mater atrium necessitas, Latin for “The mother of invention is necessity”. In Beijing, citizens avoid the outdoors, pay thousands for indoor air filters— the rich build protective barriers over backyards, gigantic domes over tennis courts, soccer fields. It is already happening— when I first landed in Delhi, walked outside the hotel, circled […]

Dane Cervine – Koan of the Blue Heron

Koan of the Blue Heron      …the brain’s neural circuitry for aggression seems dangerously      cheek by jowl with the neural circuitry for sex.           —Carl Sagan, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Aroma is language the wild body knows, the come hither, or I will kill you of scent glands. Not just at the pick-up bar, back alley, war […]