Luke Johnson’s Quiver, Reviewed by Frank Paino

Luke Johnson Quiver Texas Review Press Reviewer: Frank Paino In 1308, Italian poet and philosopher, Dante Alighieri, began writing his magnum opus, The Divine Comedy, an unforgettable trilogy of canticles in which Dante is led by the great poet, Virgil, along a path that begins with a graphic journey through nine torturous circles of Hell, […]

Frank Paino – Nesyamun

Nesyamun Priest and Scribe of the Karnak Temple (Mummified remains displayed in Leeds City Museum, England) Forty layers               of incensed linen stripped               in the slow seduction               of science. Cumin, myrrh,               oils of cedar and cinnamon               whose aromatics swirl               like the potent scent of burnt               offerings. Here, beneath               […]