Gail Wronsky – A non-binary person walked by

A non-binary person walked by                                    for Marlena Dalí And I thought of my daughter, I mean my child. And of my breasts, which protrude in a superfluous fashion, and of my make-up, mask of an aging drag queen. And I felt ridiculously out-of-touch. A woman gets tired of impersonating a woman, like keeping the front […]

Gail Wronsky’s Imperfect Pastorals, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Gail Wronsky Imperfect Pastorals What Books Press Reviewer: Cindy Hochman What did you think it would be this life all dining on violets and intravenous moonbeams? —“Selectively, using your fingernails” The good news is that although Gail Wronsky’s Imperfect Pastorals is heavily steeped in the major works of Roman poet Virgil, you need not be […]