George Drew – Anecdote of the Rat

Anecdote of the Rat One night I saw a rat. A big rat. The biggest rat I’d ever seen. It was slinking along the gutter across the road from where I was. I was sitting on the porch. It was dusk. Light was fading like an old bulb. But dark wasn’t really dark. Not yet. […]

George Drew’s Drumming Armageddon, Reviewed by Brian Fanelli

George Drew Drumming Armageddon Madville Publishing Reviewer: Brian Fanelli To read George Drew’s Drumming Armageddon is to remember what it’s like to hear the blues for the first time, or to recall those teenage years, making out with a girl in the backseat of a car, or to recant the type of meal that your […]

Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution, Reviewed by George Drew

Stefan Lovasik Absolution Main Street Rag Reviewer: George Drew Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution is ostensibly about war, in his case the Vietnam War, its social and cultural ramifications and the resultant war within, its playing out over time emotionally and spiritually. And about war it is, especially in the first and second of its three sections: […]

George Drew’s Fancy’s Orphan, Reviewed by David E. Poston

George Drew Fancy’s Orphan Tiger Bark Press Reviewer: David E. Poston George Drew’s Fancy’s Orphan is a fascinating mix of voices presented in fluid and supple lines. These poems are Frost-haunted, with echoes of Keats, Wordsworth, Yeats, and Rilke. Their penetrating descriptions present what Hopkins called the inscape of both the natural world and of […]

George Drew’s Pastoral Habits: New and Selected Poems, Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

George Drew Pastoral Habits: New and Selected Poems Texas Review Press ISBN: 978-1-680030792 Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor   The opening poem in this collection, “The Drowning of Christopher French,” probably written in the mid-1980s, competes fiercely for the honor of best poem in the book. It sets the tone for the entire collection, and, as […]