George Franklin’s Remote Cities, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Remote Cities George Franklin Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Reviewer: Shawn Pavey George Franklin’s exquisite Remote Cities is, as John Burt expertly points out on his back-cover blurb, a collection of “poems for grown-ups.” These mature, honed, expertly crafted poems display for the reader Franklin’s current existence in Miami and his memories of travel. His unflinching imagery and […]

George Franklin’s Noise of the World, Reviewed by Brian Fanelli

George Franklin Noise of the World Shelia-Na-Gig Editions Reviewer: Brian Fanelli After a year of lockdowns, face masks, and death counts still too great to process, George Franklin’s latest collection of poems, Noise of the World, feels incredibly relevant right now, as the world still reels from the global pandemic and its long-term implications. His […]

George Franklin’s Traveling for No Good Reason, Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

George Franklin Traveling for No Good Reason Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor Most of the traveling in George Franklin’s new poetry collection is done not by train or plane but by memory. This has several advantages. Traveling by memory is inexpensive, instantaneous, and allows the traveler to go backwards and forwards in time. For […]

George Franklin – Reverie

Reverie Inside a dream, there’s no description, No painter with bright oils and canvas Surveying a shoreline of mangroves And mosquitoes. There’s no one to whom The dream happens. The face that stares back From the mirror has not been born. If There’s a beach here, no one’s ever stretched Naked on its sand, listening […]

George Franklin – Origami

Origami She takes a sheet of white paper And breaks it in a knife-sharp fold. The edge could draw blood. She takes an edge, cracking The ribs of paper. If paper Could cry out, it would shriek Like a bird, a crane Penetrated by a hunter’s arrow. She takes a crane and breaks Its wing. […]