Tim Suermondt’s Election Night and the Five Satins, Reviewed by David E. Poston

Tim Suermondt Election Night and the Five Satins Glass Lyre Press Reviewer: David E. Poston Perhaps Tim Suermondt would have us believe he is a luftmensch. The poem “Luftmensch” describes a character who is like a miracle unaware of its gift. He kept moving, showing up anywhere, at any time. He could be in your […]

Gloria Mindock’s Whiteness of Bone, Reviewed by Lynn Levin

Gloria Mindock Whiteness of Bone Glass Lyre Press ISBN: 978-1-941783-19-1 Reviewer: Lynn Levin   Political poetry is necessary poetry, but it is also one of the most difficult types of poetry to write. The moral imperative that drives poems of outrage against man’s inhumanity to man often leads to work that explodes with fury and […]

Marc Frazier’s Each Things Touches,
Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

Marc Frazier Each Thing Touches Glass Lyre Press ISBN: 978-1-941783-07-8 Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor   Most poetry collections have a poem near the beginning that gives the reader clues on how to read the book. Each Thing Touches by Chicago poet Marc Frazier has at least two. The prologue poem, “After,” opens with “I heard […]