John Paul Davis’s Crown Prince of Rabbits, Reviewed by Francine Witte

John Paul Davis Crown Prince of Rabbits great weather for MEDIA Reviewer: Francine Witte Think tornado. Think of the wind spinning and swirling around you, everyday objects plastered to the inner walls of the funnel. Look, there’s a chair! Look, there’s a tree! Items you have seen a thousand times, but now, are lifted out […]

John Trause’s Exercises in High Treason,
Reviewed by Francine Witte

John J. Trause Exercises in High Treason great weather for MEDIA ISBN 978-0-9857317-8-6 Reviewer: Francine Witte   The cover of John J. Trause’s new collection of poetry, Exercises in High Treason, tells you exactly what you are about to walk into. A casual glance at the cover shows a jumble of letters and words in […]