Hayden Saunier’s A Cartography of Home, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Hayden Saunier A Cartography of Home Terrapin Books Reviewer: Lee Rossi Hayden Saunier is one of those poet farmers who are distinctive in our culture for their scarcity. We remember Frost. We may know Donald Hall and Wendell Berry. We may even recall Horace, with an estate gifted by his patron Maecenas and worked by […]

Hayden Saunier – Deepening the Course

Deepening the Course I drag a booted heel through thick creek gravel, dredge a ditch to keep storm water pouring off a swollen pool from washing out the lane, then wait to check my work. The murky stir sifts down into a sudden galaxy of tiny eggs—white shine of dots afloat in separate jellies—appearing briefly […]

Hayden Saunier – This Horse

This Horse (after “Horse,” a cyanotype in sixteen panels by Carrie Witherell) Its white bones float on blue, its meat a ghost around the bones, an afterimage pegged to a wall with silver tacks. * Whether the blue is the blue before dawn or the blue after dusk, no way to know. Magritte blue, streetlights […]