HT Harrison – Through-Lines

Through-Lines Inside the wheelbarrow in the forest, I’m learning to spell the planet’s true names, not from origin or desire, but kindling: barrow crunching across fallen spines of pine. Grandmother tossing twigs into the hold. Me birdlike, nesting, reciting the letters                             s-a-l-a-m-a-n-d— when the event escapes and I fly toward my mother’s face in the […]

Heather H. Thomas – The Boat

The Boat Are we in port or moving? my mother asks. We’re in the dining room of her assisted living. She’s lost her story but found this one. In port or moving? She reads my incredulous face. Time, history, and now, place: vanished. Soon gravity will be defied, if she can avoid falling. Forget it, […]

Heather H. Thomas’s Vortex Street, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Heather H. Thomas Vortex Street FutureCycle Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Exploring Heather H. Thomas’s 2018 poetry collection Vortex Street, one stumbles into a dappled forest’s clearing where an ageless woman in a flowing, floral skirt and bright silk blouse, black hair glowing down her back, smiles and beckons one into her wagon. Every surface has […]