Jared Smith – Before the Storm

Before the Storm Two days out before the storm we began gathering candles from all those places one hides them, puts them away for when needed, old ones limned with the scent of mothballs, half melted Christmas candles, whatever we could find and matches, a bic lighter, an old iron lantern and yet wind blew […]

Jared Smith’s That’s How It Is, Reviewed by David E. Poston

Jared Smith That’s How It Is Stubborn Mule Press Reviewer: David E. Poston Jared Smith’s new collection, That’s How It Is, is prefaced by a passage from Rilke’s novel The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge which describes how poetry is not simply expressed feelings, but the product of experience internalized over time. Smith’s career now […]

Jared Smith’s Shadows Within the Roaring Fork, Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

Jared Smith Shadows Within the Roaring Fork Flowstone Press Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor Early in his latest collection, Shadows Within the Roaring Fork, Jared Smith firmly establishes himself as a serious, truth-telling, common-sense kind of poet who would never fake his own death. So, it comes as a shock when he begins the poem, “Learning […]

G.L. Brower’s Escaping the End of the World, Reviewed by Jared Smith

G.L. Brower Escaping the End of the World Village Books Press Reviewer: Jared Smith It is hard to decide in reviewing G.L. Brower’s Escaping the End of the World whether to focus first on the sheer power of the images or the reason those images are so acutely and painfully vivid. Craft and vision are […]