Joan Colby’s Her Heartsongs, Reviewed by Erica Goss

Joan Colby Her Heartsongs Presa Press Reviewer: Erica Goss The wild and the domestic live side-by-side in Joan Colby’s new collection, Her Heartsongs. The tension between the two realms gives these poems their energy and edge. These are stories of love and peril precariously balanced in a world where persistence wins over passivity. The first […]

Joan Colby – Earthworms

Earthworms Digging in the loam For nightcrawlers, fat and rosy, Until the pail is full. We haul them home Caked with the dirt they aerate. One child shows another how severed They become two creatures. Brilliant! he exclaims. I explain this is not actually true Which they choose to ignore. Threading the worm onto the […]