John Sibley Williams’ The Drowning House, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

John Sibley Williams The Drowning House Elixir Press Reviewer: Vivian Wagner John Sibley Williams’ new collection of poetry, The Drowning House, is a book about personal, cultural, and generational trauma. It explores American violence, racism, and colonialism, telling multiple stories from a variety of perspectives about the intersecting traumas inflicted by this country’s people, as […]

John Sibley Williams’s As One Fire Consumes Another, Reviewed by Ace Boggess

John Sibley Williams As One Fire Consumes Another Orison Books Reviewer: Ace Boggess There is something exceedingly familiar about reading John Sibley Williams’s newest collection, As One Fire Consumes Another, a sense of nostalgia arising as one turns the pages and sees these poems laid out neatly in narrow columns. It’s a flashback to the […]