Katherine Soniat – Orphan Joy

Orphan Joy Send Kuan Yin home to me, her words of compassion pressed between those ancient covers.           Mail her to the wrought-iron number nine nailed to my cottage where geese live all winter.       Know no more urgent words are written than these.      You are silent.            Wait still spilt in blue on my open palm.    And Kuan Yin walked the tracks with […]

Katherine Soniat’s Bright Stranger,
Reviewed by Lynn Levin

Katherine Soniat Bright Stranger Louisiana State University Press ISBN: 978-0-8071-6241-5 Reviewer: Lynn Levin   Bright Stranger, Katherine Soniat’s new collection of dreamy, explorative, elegant poems, takes us on many trails—on a hike through the Grand Canyon, along Orpheus’s descent into Hades, through geological time, mythic time, and fragments of the speaker’s life. Many of the […]