kerry rawlinson – feed me

feed me whatever fables you have on hand: leviticus leaves/ grimm tails/ fish stories/ five loaves three minnows/ disney dough/ koranges/ scrips & scraps of treaties. lawyerly lingo/ livers of sozzled lovers/ tibias of dropped toddlers. fill me with whatever will partially kill me. still my heartspeed. bury war wonton down my throat. choke my […]

kerry rawlinson – Ghazal for Running Away from the Circus

Ghazal for Running Away from the Circus When truth rejects speech, flee. The sentence for mute belief is steep. Risk is highwires without nets, just like belief. It’s a bestiary with no feeding tent; a lament of clowns; a sham. I’m a flying trapeze of belief. The circus breaks you. Makes you ache to see […]

kerry rawlinson – Desert Storm

Desert  Storm “In this era of big brains, anything which can be done will be done — so hunker down.” —Galapagos, Kurt Vonnegut I once collected colored plastic tags from bread-bag wrappers. The myth was: they’d buy wheelchairs for Vets. When you’re young you long to be deceived to believe this good thing, or that, […]