Luke Johnson’s Quiver, Reviewed by Frank Paino

Luke Johnson Quiver Texas Review Press Reviewer: Frank Paino In 1308, Italian poet and philosopher, Dante Alighieri, began writing his magnum opus, The Divine Comedy, an unforgettable trilogy of canticles in which Dante is led by the great poet, Virgil, along a path that begins with a graphic journey through nine torturous circles of Hell, […]

Luke Johnson – Tether

Tether For M. I was 16 when I pressed the trigger of an air soft and felt it thrust forward. And felt it winnow when the blue jay plummeted forty feet from pine and started flipping like sparks from a live M-80. A burst that blew the thumb from the neighbor’s nephew and later left […]

Luke Johnson – Dark

Dark – for Malakai If you come to where the thorny pears grow along the one-way road and crouch beneath the sticky shade that draws out spiders and wasps and children playing chase in the dying light, you’ll witness, if lucky, the buck my father failed to shoot sip from fading streams, and freeze when […]

Luke Johnson – Bless the Mouth

Bless the Mouth Bless the mouth that saunters, silk of spit. Bless the hand that holds the head & bobs it back & forth. Bless the build the bridge the white noise whittled from the body’s blazed tremolo. Bless the gaze, slap of skin, spilled wine. Bless the wine, the bite, the tang, sticky pleather. […]