Lynn Levin’s The Minor Virtues, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Lynn Levin The Minor Virtues Ragged Sky Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Crafted with lyrical rhythm and internal rhyme, Lynn Levin’s poems in The Minor Virtues sing of hope, faith, goodness, and humility. The speaker’s tone remains steady: calm, philosophical, and sometimes whimsical. The poems are never kitschy; language and style are always refined, light, and […]

Gloria Mindock’s Whiteness of Bone, Reviewed by Lynn Levin

Gloria Mindock Whiteness of Bone Glass Lyre Press ISBN: 978-1-941783-19-1 Reviewer: Lynn Levin   Political poetry is necessary poetry, but it is also one of the most difficult types of poetry to write. The moral imperative that drives poems of outrage against man’s inhumanity to man often leads to work that explodes with fury and […]

Amy MacLennan’s The Body, a Tree, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Amy MacLennan The Body, A Tree MoonPath Press ISBN: 978-1-936657-22-3 Reviewer: Cindy Hochman   For any reader who is at all spiritually inclined, the title The Body, A Tree, along with the ethereal artwork on the lovely cover, immediately summons the figure of the Bodhi tree, under which the Buddha found enlightenment. The sturdy branches […]

Katherine Soniat’s Bright Stranger,
Reviewed by Lynn Levin

Katherine Soniat Bright Stranger Louisiana State University Press ISBN: 978-0-8071-6241-5 Reviewer: Lynn Levin   Bright Stranger, Katherine Soniat’s new collection of dreamy, explorative, elegant poems, takes us on many trails—on a hike through the Grand Canyon, along Orpheus’s descent into Hades, through geological time, mythic time, and fragments of the speaker’s life. Many of the […]