Malaika King Albrecht’s The Stumble Fields, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Malaika King Albrecht The Stumble Fields Main Street Rag Publishing Company Reviewer: Vivian Wagner The Stumble Fields, a new collection of poetry by Malaika King Albrecht, is about life and death and everything in between. These poems explore how we inhabit the earth and how we can find our way to grace and beauty, even […]

Introduction to Pedestal 84

Introduction to Pedestal 84 Editing Pedestal is an aesthetic adventure, particularly when several editors are reading, conferring, agreeing, disagreeing, leaping, and, in some cases, inching toward consensus regarding specific poems and an issue in its entirety. Re Pedestal 84: the three of us received and read over 6500 poems, reaching enthusiastic agreement on the fourteen […]