Margo Taft Stever – Changeling

Changeling Now you have come out of yourself, removed your skin, my mother, my changeling, who has known so many selves, so many shapes. Now you have come from yourself, my mother, my pupa, emerging from the chrysalis, my changeling, saved from the caw, the drunken froth. Can you truly have forgotten what you were […]

Margo Taft Stever’s Cracked Piano, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Margo Taft Stever Cracked Piano CavanKerry Press Reviewer: Vivian Wagner Margo Taft Stever’s Cracked Piano examines mental illness and trauma, particularly in the context of cultural cruelty and disconnection. At its heart is the story of Stever’s great-grandfather and the half-brother of president William Howard Taft, Peter Taft, who was kept for part of his […]