Marsha de la O – A History of Lament

A History of Lament                      For mothers who’ve lost children to violence You would never think so, but the detail is movement. Not his body, blue beneath the skin, a severed rope around his waist, the other one fled beyond the high pure cry of geese over Mt. Ararat with its dirty shawl of snow. Yes, […]

Marsha de la O – What It Sounded Like on The Way to Calvary

What It Sounded Like on The Way to Calvary                                                  after Bruegel Sparrows bathing in puddles As the sun passes behind a cloud The scrape when the wheel heaves On its wooden pin Slough brimming Gold roof of water, plash of bare feet Her blue shift hitched up Baby sister milking their mother, jaw pulsing These […]

Marsha de la O – Crevasse

Crevasse I no longer believe in Tierra del Fuego. We’ll probably never arrive. Already I’m gray as granite, and know well how to lower my head, how to lock my tongue with my teeth. I will need four legs and sharp hooves now. I will need a long, strong spine and the ability to trudge. […]