Mary Makofske’s No Angels, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

No Angels Mary Makofske Kelsay Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman With her latest collection, No Angels, Mary Makofske balances precise, tactile observation with a sense of dignified and compassionate distance, also posing universal questions. Her lyrical and narrative writing contrasts richly detailed texture with accessible transparency. Makofske has created poetry that shimmers with depth, clarity, multiple […]

Mary Makofske’s World Enough, and Time, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Mary Makofske World Enough, and Time Kelsay Books Reviewer: Lee Rossi A book of poems is like one of those fabulous creatures from a medieval bestiary—part lion, part snake, part bat—not all the parts convinced that they belong together. Mary Makofske’s World Enough, and Time is such a beast, confessional free-verse narratives conjoined with Metaphysical […]

Mary Makofske – This Country Could Break My Heart

This Country Could Break My Heart Slicked back hair, tooled boots, ten gallon hat that makes the head seem big. Broad hands, callused, quick to clench those women always running into fists. Blood’s easier than love, love’s short, somebody’s gonna cheat and break my heart, this country says. Oh lonesome road I can’t resist, outside […]