Pamela Wax – A Prayer of Jerusalem for Yehuda Amichai

A Prayer of Jerusalem for Yehuda Amichai             Hope is a memory of the future.                   —Gabriel Marcel On full moon midnights I meet the dead              poet at David’s Gate. His satchel bulges with leather-skinned pomegranates              bleeding juice. The tourists, there to walk the ramparts, look past him              to the tower. I am not […]

Pamela Wax’s Walking the Labyrinth, Reviewed by Merryn Rutledge

Pamela Wax Walking the Labyrinth Main Street Rag Publishing Reviewer: Merryn Rutledge In her elegiac Walking the Labyrinth, author Pamela Wax makes her way through a maze of grief after a brother’s suicide. Wax’s poems reflect a sense of responsibility to find meaning in the mysteries of life and death and to honor lost loved […]

Pamela Wax – Upon reading that Superhero Rocket Raccoon was inspired by the Beatles song, I think

about the masked bandit that has been pillaging my garden sometime in the pre-dawn hours when I’m not there to guard it, gnawing wedges from the zucchini, and leaving half-eaten tomatoes in the bed as compost. He’s a menace to the neighborhood, and I can’t get rid of him, despite the trap and the light […]