Robert Fillman’s House Bird, Reviewed by Brian Fanelli

Robert Fillman Bird House Terrapin Books Reviewer: Brian Fanelli Robert Fillman has a knack for turning the everyday domestic space into a fascinating subject for his poetry. He drills into home life, mining memory and personal experience. The result is a fine debut collection, House Bird. Even if the spaces Fillman writes about feel familiar, […]

Brian Fanelli’s Waiting for the Dead to Speak, Reviewed by Robert Fillman

Brian Fanelli Waiting for the Dead to Speak NYQ Books Reviewed by: Robert Fillman In Brian Fanelli’s second full-length collection, Waiting for the Dead to Speak, we find ourselves witnessing the maturation of a young man—from a working-class Pennsylvanian childhood to an educated, professional adult life on the fringe of the academy. But beyond this […]