Sara Backer – History

History Hi, story! His story. His store. Hissed. Hissed or missed. Mist story, mystery. My story? Stories of stories stored in the story store. H. Aitch. Ache. Ache + I = story. Aye. Eye to my eye. I as in is. (Ms, not his.) Who tore the story? Y? Thorny, hissy. Restore the story. His. […]

Sara Backer’s Such Luck, Reviewed by Ace Boggess

Sara Backer Such Luck Flowstone Press Reviewer: Ace Boggess Sara Backer’s first full-length poetry collection Such Luck navigates familiar tones and themes but also conjures worlds that are intimate and personal to the poet, such that the reader often feels as if he has a voyeuristic view on the lives of the narrators. In these […]

Sara Backer – Such Luck

Such Luck My California single girl bedroom: cinderblock shelves, futon, paper globe light, wine bottle candlesticks coated with waxy stalactites. Lacking men to stay the night, I drank in bed. The more I drank, the larger my glass grew. I waded surf with cabernet in hand and yearned for love. Until I sipped and found […]

Sara Backer – I Think They Are Crows

I Think They Are Crows About a hundred flying in the green-tinted zone between slate sky and vanishing half-sun. Parked cars grow black fuzz. The world mutes. Their flapping wings are grand pianos falling. My heart twists as I brace for the crash of soundboards splintering with Beethoven, Mozart, Gershwin, Tatum, Monk—destroyed in a final […]