Stefan Lovasik – The Noble Science of Trauma

The Noble Science of Trauma             for my wife I shower in the canopied jungle with wires of light and rain; dry with strings of ears and scalps, I step into your body, a mirror. My faces sweat liquid only the dead can give up, yet the mirror rips into a thousand scars, the age of […]

Stefan Lovasik – The Foundry, 1960

The Foundry, 1960        for Bruce Weigl,        in memory of Albert Weigl 1923-2018        & Lawrence Lovasik 1920-1995 We run through slag and ash – Play soldier, good at dying, Then walk in stiff green water, Near funnels of smoke Where whistles ring for home And another stack of fives and quarters. We watch the burial of […]

Introduction to Pedestal 84

Introduction to Pedestal 84 Editing Pedestal is an aesthetic adventure, particularly when several editors are reading, conferring, agreeing, disagreeing, leaping, and, in some cases, inching toward consensus regarding specific poems and an issue in its entirety. Re Pedestal 84: the three of us received and read over 6500 poems, reaching enthusiastic agreement on the fourteen […]

Stefan Lovasik – Primal

Primal we are prey to our oblivion you or me in a blast of phosphorous and orange orchids and birds fall as fire washes the green and we see skin burn to grimace stretch across black teeth and know that flame will always sing your fear and mine vein the leaves and grass as i […]

Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution, Reviewed by George Drew

Stefan Lovasik Absolution Main Street Rag Reviewer: George Drew Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution is ostensibly about war, in his case the Vietnam War, its social and cultural ramifications and the resultant war within, its playing out over time emotionally and spiritually. And about war it is, especially in the first and second of its three sections: […]