Tim Suermondt’s Josephine Baker Swimming Pool, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Tim Suermondt Josephine Baker Swimming Pool MadHat Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Although much of North America still struggles with forbidding cold and ice-bound sidewalks, on the West Coast, where this review is being written, spring arrived in February this year. Ridiculously early, flowers budded, ornamental trees filled the air with white blossoms like confetti, and […]

Tim Suermondt’s Election Night and the Five Satins, Reviewed by David E. Poston

Tim Suermondt Election Night and the Five Satins Glass Lyre Press Reviewer: David E. Poston Perhaps Tim Suermondt would have us believe he is a luftmensch. The poem “Luftmensch” describes a character who is like a miracle unaware of its gift. He kept moving, showing up anywhere, at any time. He could be in your […]