Featured Artist

Painting 1 Painting 2 Painting 3 Painting 4 Painting 5 Painting 6 Painting 7 Painting 8 Painting 9 Painting 10 Painting 11 Painting 12 Painting 13 Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Interview with David Harouni David Harouni has exhibited his art in cities throughout the United States, including galleries in Austin, Chicago, and New […]

Interview with Stan Rice

Interviewer: John Amen JA: When did you start writing? SR: I wrote my first poem when I was nine years old. I kept writing poems through my teenage years, pretty much hiding them in my desk drawer. Had there been a high school magazine I would have submitted them. My writing outlet at that time […]

My Rhythms

A man is tying his horse to his rowboat in the Nile So that neither will his boat float away Nor his horse walk off. Two women on adjoining rooftops Are arguing and shaking their fists And the man defecating by the roadside Acknowledges the sensibilities of others By facing away from the road. The […]

Mr Heade Went to Brazil

In 1863 a Mr Heade Went to Brazil to paint hummingbirds. He could have stayed In Washington and worked on specimens, but instead Mr Heade said, ‘Hummingbirds are found only in the New World. Europe has its jewels. These are ours. They are so beautiful Cynics hate them. Im going.’ Arriving In Rio de Janeiro […]