Alexis Rhone Fancher’s Brazen, Reviewed by Brian Fanelli

Brazen Alexis Rhone Fancher NYQ Books Reviewer: Brian Fanelli Anyone even slightly familiar with Alexis Rhone Fancher’s work knows that she doesn’t shy away from sexually charged and raunchy poetry. Her collected works for NYQ Books is called Erotic, for example. Her latest, Brazen, continues the tradition of poems that ooze with fierce and bold […]

Francesca Bell’s What Small Sound, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

What Small Sound Francesca Bell Red Hen Press Reviewer: Vivian Wagner What Small Sound, a new poetry collection by Francesca Bell, is an exploration of life, death, and love, and of the myriad ways these essential elements of human existence intersect and define each other. The poems in this collection don’t offer any easy answers […]

Preeti Kaur Rajpal’s membery, Reviewed by Karen Corinne Herceg

membery Preeti Kaur Rajpal Tupelo Press Reviewer: Karen Corinne Herceg Preeti Kaur Rajpal’s haunting debut collection, membery, explores the impact of colonialism and displacement from a deeply personal perspective. Rajpal’s family is uprooted after the violent and poorly orchestrated 1947 partition of the subcontinent that became India and Pakistan after three centuries of British rule. […]

Arthur Kayzakian’s The Book of Redacted Paintings, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

The Book of Redacted Paintings Arthur Kayzakian Black Lawrence Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi In a recent interview in the New York Review of Books, poet and critic Ange Mlinko comments on the recent glut of “project” books (a genre I’ve come to call “term paper poetry”). She notes that publishers are striving “to make books […]

Cynthia Manick’s No Sweet Without Brine, Reviewed by Erica Goss

No Sweet Without Brine Cynthia Manick HarperCollins Reviewer: Erica Goss “I want us living, not just alive,” Cynthia Manick writes in “Dear Future Body (Keep Your Skin Thickk),” a poem from her latest collection, No Sweet Without Brine. Body image, family, and the constant pressure to conform to others’ expectations inform the book, as the […]