Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution, Reviewed by George Drew

Stefan Lovasik Absolution Main Street Rag Reviewer: George Drew Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution is ostensibly about war, in his case the Vietnam War, its social and cultural ramifications and the resultant war within, its playing out over time emotionally and spiritually. And about war it is, especially in the first and second of its three sections: […]

Perry Janes – The Tower

The Tower           i. Long Island, 1905. Construction of Tesla’s crown jewel, Wardenclyffe Tower, grinds to a halt as costs exceed their budget. TIME Magazine reports Always someone wanting it all and losing it. Isn’t that right? Let me begin again: Welcome to Tesla’s Million Dollar Folly! It is another gray New York day and the […]

Introduction by John Amen

Introduction by John Amen About 20 years ago, while living in New Orleans, I read Stan Rice’s poetry. A few months after first reading those poems, I met Stan and immediately considered how I’d like to launch a literary magazine and publish some of his work. About 2 years later, at this point living in […]

Introduction by Susan Terris

Introduction by Susan Terris Sometimes a working committee produces the equivalent of a wildebeest, something ungainly and the result of too many shortcuts or hasty compromises. Over the past 6 years, Arlene Ang, Michael Spring, our editor-publisher John Amen, and I have learned to work together and manage to produce an issue of Pedestal, which […]

Introduction by Michael Spring

Introduction by Michael Spring Another incredible experience working with John, Arlene, and Susan. I like how they each bring new light to selecting poems. It astonishes me how many poems all four of us agree on, especially during the first round of deliberations. My favorite part of our process is when we debate the nominated […]