Candace Pearson – Invisible

Invisible I come from the body of no body A body that declines to see itself in the mirror understands self-protection Fade is to fading is to faded I am fluid margins         shifting alliances Solid matter an illusion              a pencil sketch that erases itself outlines drawn in breath    or    ghost ink                                     * I come […]

Candace Pearson – The Twin Bed

The Twin Bed In the austere twin bed, the woman they call                “the mother” is dying. The other                               woman, the daughter in the doorway doesn’t believe it. Impossible to think                the first woman would relinquish                               all control of the comings and goings of the world. The daughter watches                labored inhalations; they are twitches                               from the […]

Candace Pearson – Aubade: Again

Aubade: Again Darling, all night I have been flickering, off, on, off, on. —Sylvia Plath Good morning friend      faithful one still here with me Last night you came to visit                                                once more and through the wakened and wakening hours                       wouldn’t stop whispering                       and here you are                                                again            or you never left    so            insistent on loyalty    […]