I come from the body of no body

A body that declines to see itself in the mirror
understands self-protection

Fade is to fading is to faded

I am fluid margins         shifting alliances
Solid matter an illusion              a pencil sketch

that erases itself
outlines drawn in breath    or    ghost ink

I come from the body of camouflage

                An octopus can change the pattern and opacity
                of its skin to fool its adversaries

                The snake absorbs vibrations to calculate the size
                and heft of approaching danger

                To read the shadows of a hungry starfish
                a scallop opens its one hundred eyes

As a child    awake at night    listening for steps
coming down the hall      I practiced

the art of smoke screen and misdirect

I am heat shimmer & Tule fog
a refraction adept at fooling the mind

my DNA composed of someone else’s
bitter union

Word to wind to rime
                Look closer    still      you won’t see me





Candace Pearson escaped the big city for life in a small mountain town in Southern California. She has been published in a variety of journals and is grateful to have work included in Pedestal Magazine. She received the Liam Rector First Book Prize for Poetry for Hour of Unfolding.

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