Jan Beatty – California

California Around here, trees are hats, little bowlers, van gogh lids of blown divi trees that lean sideways for the better view— toppers, kangols, pork pies, wig hats. I woke to the racket hailstorm: little funnels of green at the edge of the hillside—jutting out over the sea—the lives of people closeted inside—who are they? […]

Jan Beatty – At Moe’s

At Moe’s I was reading at Moe’s on Telegraph, legendary Berkeley bookstore praised by The San Francisco Chronicle: “India has the Taj Mahal, Berkeley has Moe’s Books.” There was a Beyonce concert in San Francisco that night, so the crowd was thin but rabid with book buying, and the magical Joyce Jenkins of Poetry Flash […]

Jan Beatty – Kat Talks the War Inside Her

Kat Talks the War Inside Her              She says: I found the connection—River was shooting heroin, which, if you think about it, is a river of chocolate or maybe it’s one of the golden tickets to the factory, and Johnny was really Charlie, not the original Willy. Kat not taking her pills again, she wants […]