Joseph Hutchison – Mindfulness

Mindfulness The young buck lies down under my window in the shade of the deck above, the knobs on his budding antlers furred like kiwifruit. Now and then a ray of sun slips down between the deck boards, makes the fuzzy antler tips shimmer like that quick-wittedness the buck will need when others of my […]

Dana Roeser’s All Transparent Things Need Thundershirts, Reviewed by Joseph Hutchison

Dana Roeser All Transparent Things Need Thundershirts Two Sylvias Press Reviewer: Joseph Hutchison Dana Roeser’s first book won the Juniper Prize from University of Massachusetts Press, and her next two collections won Samuel French Morse Poetry Prizes from Northeastern University Press. This kind of success raises expectations for her fourth collection All Transparent Things Need […]

Joseph Hutchison – Earache

Earache I Seems the past year’s griefs have settled in one ear: intermittent needles—and in between, a hiss like water when a small leak’s developed in some basement pipe. II Wherever it’s bleeding out, water seeks depth, yields to gravity, muttering incessantly as it wanders and descends. Soon the whole house could be made of […]

Joseph Hutchison’s The World As Is: New & Selected Poems 1972-2015, Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

Joseph Hutchison The World As Is: New & Selected Poems 1972-2015 NYQ Books Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor Currently serving as Poet Laureate of Colorado, Joseph Hutchison has fifteen volumes of poetry to his credit, so this sixteenth collection, a substantial, 264-page gathering of his work from 1972 to 2015, is certainly due, if not past […]