Mary Makofske’s World Enough, and Time, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Mary Makofske World Enough, and Time Kelsay Books Reviewer: Lee Rossi A book of poems is like one of those fabulous creatures from a medieval bestiary—part lion, part snake, part bat—not all the parts convinced that they belong together. Mary Makofske’s World Enough, and Time is such a beast, confessional free-verse narratives conjoined with Metaphysical […]

Mischa Willett’s Phases, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Mischa Willett Phases Cascade Books Reviewer: Lee Rossi The latest volume in the Poiema Poetry Series, which, as the series editor declares, “presents the work of gifted poets who take Christian faith seriously,” Mischa Willett’s Phases is less noteworthy for its declarations of religious belief than for the way it mimics poets for whom Christianity […]

Lisa Allen Ortiz’s Guide to the Exhibit, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Lisa Allen Ortiz Guide to the Exhibit Perugia Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi In Guide to the Exhibit, Lisa Allen Ortiz offers the reader a tour of her own personal museum of natural (and unnatural) history, the product of a lifetime’s devoted collecting. Filled with wonders—birds abound but also mastodons and minerals, gemstones and microfossils—the book […]

George Wallace’s A Simple Blues with a Few Intangibles, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

George Wallace A Simple Blues with a Few Intangibles Foothill Publishing Reviewer: Lee Rossi For nearly thirty years, George Wallace has been a mainstay of the New York / Long Island poetry scene. Performer, publisher, and literary activist, he carries on the tradition of Whitman and the Beats, striving heroically to counter the culture’s neglect […]